Tuesday, August 14, 2007

AT&T 8525 PDA Phone (AT&T)

The telephone based of PC of pocket of the mobile 5.0 award-winning of the Microsoft Windows 3G of Cingular 8525, with its compact dimension and final connectivity, is really the business suit mobile solution. To wander anywhere in the world and to employ the access, Bluetooth, and the Wi-Fi possibilities at high speed of the Internet of the telephone. The 8525 gives you more order than ever above the manner than you work.

Cingular 8525 lets to you make things which you would have need typically for a PC to make, like the email, the text messaging, the instantaneous transmission of messages and the Web reviewing--all of an integrated device. What is more, the software of the telephone is conceived with the synchro seamlessly with the email, the contacts, and the information of calendar on your PC. 8525 offer also mobile classical music and visual options, thanks to the player of media of Windows. Other characteristics of design include single slip-outside the keyboard QWERTY which makes the transmission of messages, note-taking, and the other writing charges a breeze.

Under the cap, the 8525 devices 128MB of the memory included and the RAM 64MB, functioning on a processor of 400 Samsung megahertz. To the top of front, 240 X 320 supports of screen with contact of liquid crystal display more than 65.000 colors, whereas the back of the device places a camera of 2.0 megapixel. The design of the 8525 is clean and concise, with Juste some buttons for the mail, the Internet Explorer, and the menus contextual. While waiting, the response of call and the buttons of end surround a belaying pin of five-manner which allows you to direct and order the interface of mobile of Windows. As mentioned, a full keyboard QWERTY slips abilement outside of under the screen. This enables you to hold the device horizontally, and the screen is automatically placed in the mode of landscape when you use the keyboard. A side wheel of roller is conveniently rempliƩe far from the side, making navigation while reaching to the player of music and other various applications a bellyband once necessary. A card slot of expansion of memory mini-VARIATION-TYPE is provided, just as a port and a support infra-reds of a stereo ear-phone of Bluetooth. A port minis-USB is also included for transfers and the filling of data of cable.

Telephone 8525 ' S and of the functions of PDA are conceived to provide an experiment integrated and without seam. A simple principal screen recapitulates any important information that you must do it by the day. Here that you will obtain the opinion of message, go next, component functions, charge it, and more all in a spot.

Like telephone, 8525 devices which all people of functionality provide of a portable telephone, including a speakerphone free hands, polyphonic ringtones, a mode of vibration, and identification of image and ringing. The unit comes from the actions with the preloaded single ringtones, whereas more ringtones can be downloaded service Net of the media of the radios of Cingular.

The mobile of Outlook of Microsoft Office combines email, calendar, comes into contact, charges it, and notes it in a simple application which integrate seamlessly with the functions of telephone 8525 ' S. While waiting for, of the ear-phones, the kits of car, and other peripherals without wire can also be installed with the unit via Bluetooth.

To remain productive on the road is made possible thereafter mobile of Microsoft Office, which includes the mobile of Word, the mobile of Excel, and the mobile of Powerpoint. While waiting, the application of explorer of file makes it easy to review the files on your 8525.