Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shiva PaintStiks Professional Set of 12

Shiva Paintstiks...Oil Colors in Stick Form. Genuine Professional Grade Oil Paint in solid Stick Form. Unlike conventional oil colors Paintstik Oil Colors usually dry in 24 hours to a flexible film. The colors are completely compatible and can be blended with any oil paints. Ideal for sketching and outlining Shiva Paintstiks are Oil Colors made from refined linseed oil blended with a quality pigment and refined wax and solidified into this convenient stick form. They can be spread or blended and can be used in conjunction with conventional oils.

Shiva Paintstiks are self-sealing just peel the seal before using. No unpleasant odors or fumes. They are effective for sketching out shape composition and color without messy palettes and mixing cups. The colors can be spread or blended with the finger brush or palette knife. All colors are fully intermixable and blendable to achieve any color palette. Available individually in 51 professional colors and in several set assortments. The regular size stick measures 5/8" x 4-1/2" long. This set includes titanium white ivory black alizarin crimson azo orange naphthol red azo yellow phthalo blue phthalo green ultramarine blue burnt sienna raw umber and yellow ochre.
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