Monday, March 30, 2009

Jumbo Face Painting Palette Has Enough Paint For Up To 800 Faces!

Fund raisers, professional face painters and anyone throwing a really big party will find this jumbo size face painting palette ideal. With 8 rainbow colors included, there is enough material to paint up to 800 full faces. The colors are vivid, easily applied and removed yet they are long lasting.

Manufactured by Snazaroo, the world's leading producer of face paint, the paints are non-toxic, carry a child toy safety rating and meet ASTM art standards yet the colors they produce are outstanding. Being water-based, they are easily applied with a damp brush and just as easily removed with mild soap and water but they only require one application to produce colors that are attention-getting. These paints are an easy and fun way to liven up any party. For hundreds more craft, art and hobby products be sure to visit our National Artcraft Storefront. We have the creative component you need.
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