Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Decide To Buy New House

I have a plan to get married for the next coupled months. So I think, I must prepare some place for my family later to lived. Now I've been lived in apartment, you know, a single guy can't lived in a house, that's too big for me. Too difficult to handle it, include clean it and take care of it. Well, I thought I will Buying a Home if I near get married, so she, my girlfriend, could decor it anything she likes. It's should be nice present for her too.

I want my New Home Construction will be strong enough at least until 50 years passed by. I don't want like my parents home, the wall is too fragile, seems like it will broke when I touch it with one finger. And the decoration was old too, they need home decoration help I guess. Perhaps I will tell them about where they could get options for buying new home, I do hope so they get moved soon from that house. It's creppy whether I saw the house hunted were they lived for years.

Back to the topic, it's my First Time Home Buyers experience ever. Yeah, I don't have a bunch money to spend it with buy many house actually hehehe... You see, I'm not millionaire. So I decide to get credit for my new house. Well guys, pray for me, for all my plans, hope it will runs well.