Thursday, August 7, 2008

All Night Long

I get bonus from my office cause I’ve been work for 10 years in there. It seems like surprise for me. I never been takes any present even on my birthday. So when this ticket goes to me, I can’t describe my feeling at that moment. So happiest!

They give me ticket to the USA. Amazing trip for my entire life. I would love to take my family too, but you know, classic reason, my money wasn’t enough as cost for taking them too.

As preparation before I go, I am search information about USA and some spot holiday on there. But it’s shocking me cause what I’m found is only site about Online casinos. My what’s wrong with this search engine, am I wrong entering keywords ? I guess not, cause the keywords doesn’t have relation with Online casino and what so ever it is.
It might be that in USA there is tons of places out there. I heard that Las Vegas was the biggest gambling city, and unbelievable is, it’s legal.

And because of that, now all night long I’ve been try playing in USA online casinos web. Seriously guys, it’s like addicted to the cigarettes. So don’t you ever try like me or you’ll