Friday, July 11, 2008

Home Are Investment Throughout Lifetime

My friend has a plan to get married next month, but now he is confused because his bride ask him for a house. And the main reason why he is not capable to buy some house or apartment, because he is not in financial position to purchase property.

I am suggestion him a few ways to solve his problem. Is it Lease to Own or Lease to Purchase? I don't have idea in which not financial position is he. But I believe, between two choices above, I am sure that he will able to pay it. Well, based on his salary I am sure he can.

In Idaho Home Loans site, where they are explain why people now must have at least one property for investment throughout their lifetime. Yeah, it does make sense to me, aren't you ?
Except, if you are constrained to moved hahaha... But anyhow, having your own home is vital.

I saw this site has complete answer if you didn't understand anything about lease or purchase home. Well, practically it's only service in Idaho, but who knows maybe in another few months again, it would be global service. So think about it guys, and making offer now.