Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oil Painting tips

Painting is very interested activity, because you can show your own idea on it, you can painting on any place or media, like canvas, acrylic, wall, etc
painting is a hobby can make a good painter if we do many time, every week or every month. And we can explore the media.

We know, the painter like gary van gogh or Michelangelo start painting as a hobby so if you interested with this activity so why you don’t start from now. You can learn from book, or from video how to getting start painting and let show your creation.
First step to paint you must to choose kind of painting do you want, realism, abstract or anything and choose what kind of media to paint. If you choose canvas painting you must to preparing oil paint, canvas , pallet you can buy anything you need in the art shop.
And let’s start paint,
1. Draw the object with pencil first this will guide you to apply a color to the object
2. Coloring with oil painting from the background first and than step by step go to the details of paint.
3. Give the frame on your panting
4. Place painting. On the wall in your house.
Do it this activity every week with different object step by step and will be a good painter soon.