Monday, November 19, 2007

Accubrush XT Pole Mounted Paint Edger Deluxe Kit

Make your painting jobs quicker, more professional looking, and less frustrating. New Painting system allows you to paint the edges of a wall and around trim without using masking tape and without getting onto a ladder. Rollers are washable and reusable. Small microbrush technology cuts in a perfect line.

Special metal shield keeps paint from reaching the "clean" side of the shield and getting onto the trim. Perfect for edging accent walls, ceilings, crown molding, chair rail, doors, windows, and more. This deluxe kit includes the works! It contains everything you need to get started and to paint an entire house (or more!) You get the XT paint edger, a paint tray, a corner brush for getting into those corners where other brushes and rollers won't reach, FOUR additional brushes, TWO additional rollers, and a 48" wooden paint pole for painting ceilings. Thirty day money back guarantee if you use it and are not completely satisfied. 90 day limited manufacturers warranty. Made in China.