Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Digital Art Studio

The use of the combined experiment of three traditional artists turned the numerical pioneers of formation image, digital art studio champions combining traditional art techniques with digital media. Of their single position as artists, teachers, and consultants as regards technology, the authors provide a range in manners of integrating numerical processes, by using to them in common and provocative manners not very to reinvent traditional techniques of art. The computer is profiled like the final machine of mix-media, making it possible the artist to easily combine an incredible choice of media. Covers of book basic processes to prepare surfaces available in the trade (canvas,watercolor and printmaking papers) and the surfaces made on order (handmade papers, wood, leather, and antique fabrics). more advance methods are covered, including transferring from the digital images to absorbing surfaces and transferring from the digital images to three-dimensional surfaces. A display of the work of the artists who combined digital and the traditional materials to produce exceptional work will inspire all new and senior similar artists, to explore the new world to mix traditional art with the digital media.