Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Acrylic Revolution: New Tricks & Techniques

Acrylic Revolution is your essential, all-in-one guide for acrylic painting techniques and more. It features over 101 ways to break through the boundaries of conventional painting and re-define the creative potential of this all-purpose medium.

Every page provides insight on how to use acrylic paint in ways you never thought possible to create stunning visual effects and textures. Ten complete sections detail a range of empowering applications, including how to:

* Prepare and paint on virtually any surface
* Create textures of all kinds
* Work with transfers, collage, resists and mixed media
* Achieve innovative stenciling and line work
* Customize your paint to adjust thickness, transparency and drying time
* Simulate other mediums, such as oil, tempera or watercolor
* Create faux finishes, magical effects, sheens and more

To give you additional insight and inspiration, this book features a gallery of finished works by fellow painting revolutionaries that blend various acrylic techniques to create amazing effects. You'll also find practical advice that covers the basics and beyond--from selecting materials and cleaning your brushes to finishing and preserving your artwork. There's even a complete glossary of terms for fast and easy referencing.

Pick up a brush and start your own acrylic revolution today!

Use the techniques in this book to free your creative spirit and create the paintings you've always dreamed of.