Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wall and Piece (Hardcover)

Graffiti artist Banksy decorates streets, walls, bridges and zoos of towns and cities throughout the world. His identity remains unknown but his work is witty, subversive and prolific. And now, he’s put together the best of his work in a fully illustrated colour volume.

The “wall and the piece” are “better” of the overall picture of the career of Banksy, and impress on many levels. It there with the competence and the variety of the techniques of Banksy (the stencil key sets, the illustrations, paintings, serigraphies and the sculptures all are on posting). There is the caustic spirit of its writing and there is its genius as mischievous. Banksy throws in the place to the top “this wall is of a civil servant-looking at stencil key set of an area indicated of Graffitti” and the watches of others carry out work for him.

For those which aspire to art which is in activity… which excites and inspires instead of calming… it simply is the book of the year. A warning: it rests on your coffee table like a social ground mine. The guests come, split it open, and it erases the conversation during one moment while they obtain Po sucked completely causing a dependence. Strongly recommended.