Thursday, August 23, 2007

Spray Equipment Q4 PRO Quiet 4-Stage HVLP Spray System #3004

The model PRO system of jet of the Q4 turbine is quiet. By using the reduction of noise patented, of the levels of noise were less reduced to 50% of standard turbines of HVLP. The patented method of sound-proofing makes sure that there is not restriction of air on the engine and also that there is no overheating. It is the most powerful system of turbine of 4 stages on the quietest market and. Recommended for paintings and latexes of pulverization. Now provided with new Fuji XT Not-To bleed Spraygun. New the spraygun of Fuji XT east not-bleeds - passages of air only by the spraygun when release is drawn. The advantage blows less around the dust of store and less preparing of painting on the end of the liquid nozzle. The spraygun comprises a remain-fresh nylon handle, passages of stainless steel liquid and an external adjustment of packing of needle. To obtain a professional completion with all the known coatings. The whole of Aircap of standard installed is the universal use #4 for fine finishing with lacquers, enamels, polyurethans, latex, coatings containing water and more. The engine of turbine of 3 stages is manufactured by Ametek-Lamb Electric (Ohio). The complete system includes Q4 the PRO harnesses stage of peace 4, safety-bends the pipe, XT Not-Bleed the spraygun with the cup 1Qt, the sieve of painting, the cup of viscosity, the brush of cleaning, and the user's manual of 20 pages.